Although a century apart, both Jeremiah Casey and his great grand-nephew Peadar traced the same journey across the globe from West Cork, Ireland to San Francisco.

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Leaving rural Ireland in 1873, Jeremiah Casey set out to make a new life in California. Arriving not long after the famed 49ers Gold Rush, Casey landed on American soil with nothing. Initially working as a shoe-shine and farm hand Casey, being the ambitious entrepreneur he was, proceeded to establish his own hotel, saloon and brewery in Port Costa, California. A well-known businessman, philanthropist, and self-taught student of law, he became a respected Judge.

“The best known & most popular Irishman on the Pacific Coast”

At the time, Port Costa was a bustling hub of commerce connected by a railroad ferry to the Trans-Continental Railroad and was the busiest wheat-shipping port in the country. By the 1880’s, the Ferry Exchange hotel was located next to the ferry terminal and owned by the capricious Judge Jeremiah Casey. His eccentricities and accompanying fame were spoken of throughout the state from San Diego to Eureka. The judge was known to render decisions from the balcony of his hotel and mete out lighter justice on the men who frequented his saloon.
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